Financial Assistance for seniors in need

OBJECTIVE: We aim to provide accommodation, care and healthcare services in the Valea Izvoarelor Home for 3 seniors facing difficult life circumstances, a financial effort that amounts to RON 162,000/year.

We strongly believe that old age should be an enjoyable time, filled with wisdom, joy and tranquility. Many of the seniors, however, do not benefit from the financial means or the support of their families to enjoy a good life in their old age and face poverty, lack of medical assistance and loneliness. Through the generosity of our donors, Valea Izvoarelor Home provides access to quality care services for seniors in difficult life circumstances. And that is because we’re more than just a well-equipped home. We are experts in what we do, and we bring our commitment, passion and respect to the job every day.

As part of this financial aid project, we want to identify the seniors who are most in need of care and intervene to meet their needs effectively.

We will assess the following:

  • family circumstances, availability of family members or other persons who are legally bound to support them
  • housing circumstances, i.e. the possibility of securing housing based on their own means
  • amount of own income and the income of the close family
  • health condition
  • need for specialized care
  • professional excellence.

Each of us wondered, at least once, what life would look like if we had taken a different turn at some point. But how many of us get a second chance? It is certainly extremely difficult to get another chance, but it can be very easy to give it. Your donations can help turn our goal into reality for an increasing number of seniors: Old age can be enjoyable!