Expansion and upgrades

Objective: We continue to provide safe, comfortable and fully equipped accommodation that inspire seniors to live each day to the fullest, by implementing projects to upgrade, maintain and sanitize our homes and by purchasing new medical, technical and HoReCa equipment, all amounting to RON 117,000, by the end of 2021.

Thanks to your generosity, the projects of the Valea Izvoarelor Association will be carried out at the desired pace and they will bring joy as well as meet the needs of as many people as possible:


1. Accommodation organized and equipped to European standards for senior support

Ensuring a good life for seniors in their old age includes many things, but we know for sure that the comfort, organization and personal touch of the space where seniors spend their time are essential to their well-being. This is why we will carry out projects worth RON 80,000 in 2021:

  • Quality care services care only be provided in flawlessly maintained and sanitized spaces, repainted sometimes monthly and involving a cost of RON 10,000/year.
  • We’ll fit our homes with replacement plumbing and furniture amounting to RON 25,000 to ensure that they stay in perfect condition.
  • We will continue to upgrade the apartments occupied by residents and bring more colour to their lives by purchasing curtains and paintings, amounting to RON 25,000, because we know how important small joys are.
  • Preparing the food attuned to the seniors’ needs involves a continuous upgrade of our kitchen facilities with new utensils and professional equipment: salami slicer, cooking dishes, fruit and vegetable cutters, and a dishwasher, all amounting to an effort of RON 20,000.


2. State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

Valea Izvoarelor Home functions as a community and the people we commit to provide a good quality of life to are often diagnosed with multiple conditions. To monitor these conditions, to prevent, but also to shorten the seniors’ recovery period, we intend to equip the medical office with equipment worth RON 20,000 lei:

  • Suction machines for airway suctioning
  • Nebuliser
  • Portable ECG
  • Ozone machine and air purifier


3. Ensuring the equipment for running diversified cognitive stimulation programs

Technology adds value to any field of activity. The field of senior care is no exception, which is why we want to implement a new schedule of activities involving the use of tech platforms and digital games for therapeutic purposes to promote the use of cognitive, physical and social skills among our residents.

The way digital games are used and the benefits they bring to their quality of life for seniors and for those suffering from early forms of dementia or Alzheimer’s, have been studied in the European-funded Erasmus AD-GAMING Project.

Non-tech games are used as large-scale therapy tools, but what we aim for with this project is to include in the residents’ daily routine new, more complex tools that have proven more effective in improving distributive attention, vigilance, sensitivity to visual contrast and mental flexibility: sense of direction, perception, ability to perform basic calculations, memory, executive functions.

Starting this project involves costs of RON 17,000:

  • acquisition of the tech platform: 1 PC, 4 tablets and a TV to connect the tablet: RON 12,000
  • licenses for apps and games: RON 3,000
  • staff training: RON 2,000.

You can help us impose new quality standards in a low-visibility field with a huge impact on a generation’s life, through donations of money or equipment/materials.