COVID Protective Equipment

OBJECTIVE: We aim to protect residents, employees and our community and overcome this pandemic without any COVID-19 infections, which is why we need a monthly amount of RON 20,000 or the items listed below, to maintain a high level of safety within the Home in 2020.

To maintain a high level of safety and prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in the Home, our staff uses monthly:

  • 1,000 disposable masks
  • 7,000 pairs of disposable gloves
  • 100 coveralls
  • 1,000 scrubs
  • 3,000 pairs of shoe covers
  • 60 litres of surface sanitizers
  • 15 litres of hand sanitizer

In 2020 the world as we knew it changed with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new coronavirus has affected the whole world and, unfortunately, has proven to be devastating for senior communities in many countries.

According to the World Health Organization, seniors are the most vulnerable to the infection caused by the new coronavirus, which is why here, at the VALEA IZVOARELOR Senior Care Home, where we provide care and medical assistance to 120 people aged between 65 and 97, we have taken actual proactive measures to enhance the protection of our residents, their families, our employees and our community.

We also comply with all the authorities’ requirements and recommendations for preventing the spread of the new coronavirus.

In addition to restricting the access of family members, visitors, suppliers, and other stakeholders or isolating employees at the workplace for 14-day periods, we are mainly focused on prevention during this time.

We have developed, implemented and improved the policies and procedures for infection control within the Home. We set up new lines for supply, meal serving, laundry and linen collection, etc. All these measures led to an increase in the consumption of protective equipment, consumables and sanitizers, given that their availability on the market was limited.

On an individual level: we are responsible. We observe the lockdown and isolation rules, as well as the social distancing and hygiene norms.


We aim to protect residents, employees and our community and overcome this pandemic without any COVID-19 infections, which is why we need RON 20,000 monthly to maintain a high level of safety.

We will periodically purchase these much-needed items, making sure that we receive them on time and use them sensibly, to avoid waste.

We are working hard to develop partnerships with suppliers and we are always looking for alternatives so that we can make due with the budget we have.

You can help us achieve this goal through cash donations or through donations of items or protective equipment.

We will carry out these initiatives throughout 2020. Even if the state of emergency is suspended, PREVENTION will remain our priority.

Every donation is an investment that can save lives.