Achieved Results

We would like to thank all our donors and partners for their help in fulfilling our mission to ensure a good life for seniors in their old age and their families!

Our duty is to offer a quality life to seniors, regardless of their health condition, by providing properly sanitized spaces and surfaces. Many of the seniors we care for are recovering after hospitalization or are suffering from degenerative diseases and have low immunity, which renders them vulnerable to infections and viruses. To eliminate the sources of infections that may occur in an institution that provides care and medical services, we need to control the infections and continuously improve our cleaning processes.

In 2019, as part of a project called “Prevention of nosocomial infections and elevating the standards of cleanliness in the Valea Izvoarelor Senior Care Home”, as well as other smaller projects, but also due to the redirection of income tax from individuals, we managed to raise an amount of RON 56,538.

The successful implementation of these projects involved the purchase and commissioning of:

  1. A professional floor washing and vacuuming appliance
  2. A professional food processor
  3. Professional trolleys for collecting dirty linen
  4. Bed linen
  5. Cotton towels
  6. Aluminium shower chairs
  7. Weekly organizers for residents’ medicines

All this involved creating new internal procedures and training staff on the use of new devices and the importance of preventing nosocomial infections.