Donations from Organizations

Organizations can make donations to the Valea Izvoarelor Association in several ways:

  • wire transfer to the following accounts:
    Valea Izvoarelor Association
    IBAN (RON): RO37BACX0000001124283001
    IBAN (EUR): RO10BACX0000001124283002
  • immovable assets: land, buildings
  • movable assets: shares or bonds
  • disposable sanitary ware: masks, gloves, coveralls, scrubs, shoe covers, sanitizer

Donate 20% of the profit tax – it costs nothing to make sure seniors enjoy a good life in their old age!

As a legal entity, the amount of the sponsorship contract may be fully or partially deductible, according to the laws in force.

Sponsorships are deducted from your company’s annual profit tax up to 20% of the profit and 0.75% of the turnover – the conditions are cumulative. To us, these amounts are extremely important because they help us carry out our mission – to ensure a good life for seniors in their old age and their families; to you, this donation incurs no additional costs, while giving you peace of mind, knowing that the money will be put to good use.

To donate an amount equivalent to 20% of the profit tax or more :), please:

  • download the sponsorship contract, which has already been prefilled with the Valea Izvoarelor Association information, here
  • fill out your organization information and sign it,
  • send us the scanned version via email to,
  • wire the money intended for donation to one of the Association accounts mentioned above.