Donations from Individuals

Residents, family members and friends of Valea Izvoarelor can make donations to our Association in several ways:

  • online payment, as the easiest, fastest and safest way to make a donation (during the national lockdown), here
  • wire transfer to the following accounts:
    Valea Izvoarelor Association
    IBAN (RON): RO37BACX0000001124283001
    IBAN (EUR): RO10BACX0000001124283002
  • immovable assets: land, buildings
  • disposable sanitary ware: masks, gloves, coveralls, scrubs, shoe covers, sanitizer

Donate 3.5% of your income tax — it costs nothing to make sure seniors enjoy a good life in their old age! (valid until 30.06.2021)

Individuals who are Romanian citizens can donate an amount equivalent to 3.5% of the income tax to non-profit organizations such as the Valea Izvoarelor Association. To us, these amounts are extremely important because they help us carry out our mission – to ensure a good life for seniors in their old age and their families; to you, this donation incurs no additional costs, while giving you peace of mind, knowing that the money will be put to good use.

To donate an amount equivalent to 3.5% of your income tax, please:

  • download form 230 prefilled with the Valea Izvoarelor Association information, here
  • print it out,
  • fill out your personal information (chapters 1 and 2; if you do not know how much 3.5% of the tax due amounts to, you can leave that box blank and the tax authorities will fill it out for you) and sign it,
  • send us an email at or let us know via telephone 0721-295-671 and we’ll come and pick it up.